William Coble, composer
William Coble

William Coble

Composer William Coble was born in Syracuse, New York, and has lived in Boston, Philadelphia and currently Chicago. William has had premiere performances with noted orchestras, chamber ensembles, quartets and soloists both nationally and internationally. William’s commissions and performances include musicians from all of the top 6 orchestras in the country, including principal players from the Chicago Symphony and Boston Symphony. He has been recognized with honors and awards from many institutions.

As a teacher and scholar, William has taught courses in composition, theory, analysis, counterpoint and computer-music at numerous colleges. His research interests include multi-media and inter-disciplinary projects, 20th-century history, gamelan and especially musical gesture, aided through studies in cognitive linguistics, mental spaces, meaning and conceptual models.

William is a frequent performer, appearing as a recital pianist, church organist, conductor, and as a symphony trumpeter, in which he earned a second MM.

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