William Coble, composer

William Coble:

LIST OF WORKS (& premieres)


Sonata for Solo Cello, 15’ Premiered by Boston Symphony cellist Joel Moerschel

Intrada, for violin, 10’ Premiered by Chicago Symphony violinist Susan Synnestvedt

At Yaddo, for viola, 12’ Premiere pending

Autumn Elegy, 7’ Premiered by guitarist Charles Mokotoff

After Silence, for flute, 7’ Premiered by Leslie Waddell

Piano Fantasy, 15’ Premiered by David Bieri

In progress: Satsung, for solo contrabass and computer


Brass Mirrors, for Brass Quintet, 15’ Premiered by Alea III (Antoniou) with Atlantic Brass

Parenthetical Phrases (fl.ob.bsn) 14’ Premiered at Ganz Hall, Roosevelt University, Chicago.
(Commissioned by the Boston Sym. Ch. Players.)

Quartet (cl.vla.vc.pn), 9’ Premiered by Syracuse New Music Society

Quintet (vln.vc.fl.pn.perc.), 10’ Premiered at St. Gertrude Church, Chicago

Vocalise (tpt.pn.) 11’ Premiered in Baltimore Conference of International Trumpet Guild.
Also at CAMI Hall, NYC.

Fanfare (13 brass, 2- perc.), 7’, Premiered by Millar Brass Ensemble, Evanston (Chicago)

Summer Music, part 1 (vln.vc.fl.cl.pn.perc.), 11’ Premiered same year, Eighth Blackbird Ensemble, Chicago

Confluence and Divergence, 26’ Premiered by Pacifica String Quartet, Chicago;
revised version premiered by Riverside Quartet

City Music (cl.vla.vc.pn), 10’ Contrasts Quartet, Norfolk Festival

Monolith, Summer Music part 2 (vln.vc.fl.cl.pn.perc.), Premiered by The New York New Music Ensemble

L’horizon infini, 20’ Premiered by Graduate String Quartet, U-Madison

In progress: Thin Places (ob. pn.), Premiere pending; Winter Sky (cl.bsn.pn), in progress, Spring Song (vln. duo)


Violin Concertino, 20’ Premiered by the Hudson Valley Philharmonic, (Falletta)

Chamber Symphony, 16’ Premiered by Composer’s Conference Chamber Orchestra, (Guigui), Wellesley MA

Awakening Captive (pn, sop., computer & 13 players), 25’ Premiered by Contempo Chamber Orchestra


Symphony #1 in one movement, (‘Eulogy’), 20’ Premiered by the Curtis Institute Symphony Orchestra
(Coble, St. John)

Voice of the Toys, 8’ Premiered by the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia (Biava)

Concerto for Violin, 20’ Premiered by the Concerto Soloists Chamber Orchestra, (Coble, Synnestvedt)

Anniversary Commission, 6’ Premiered by the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra (Akiyama)

Chamber Symphony, rev., 16’ Premiered by the Richmond Symphony, (Smith), Richmond, VA

Flight, ’8 (Premiere pending)

In progress: Orchestral Variations; for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra & Ghazal, approx. 35’;
Flight, ’8 (Premiere pending)


Poems from D. H. Lawrence (bar.gt.cb.pn), 18’ Premiered by the American Composers Ensemble, Chicago

Symphony Chamber Music Series

Seven Children Songs (sop.vln.vc.pn), 14’ Premiered by Sharon Garvey-Cohen, soloist. Chicago

Three Shakespeare Songs (hpschd.vc.ten.), 8’ Premiered by Dan Lins, soloist. Chicago

Quiet Songs (sop.tpt.pn), 8’ Premiered by Katherine Keberlein, soloist. Chicago

ART SONGS [excerpted list]

Four Poems of Wallace Stevens, 16’ Premiered at Tanglewood by Bill Hite, tenor and Walter Huff, piano

Four Love Songs, 10’ Premiered in Philadelphia by Terry Nevola, soprano

Four Poems of Theodore Roethke, 12’ Premiered NYC (Merkin) by Marie Giordano

Four Short Songs, 9’ Premiered by Sharon Garvey, soprano. Chicago

3-Songs of the Earth, 10’ Premiered by Richard Coen, soloist. Chicago

A Witter Bynner Set, 8’ Premiered by Katherine Keberlein, soloist. Chicago

SACRED MUSIC [with an additional 40 arrangements of standard repertoire]

Three Sacred Songs, 8’ Premiered by St. Gertrude Choir, Chicago

Almighty Father, 3’ Premiered by St. Mary-Riverside Choir

Unity Prayer - John 17 (ten.vln.vla.pn), 10’ Premiered by Jay Morrissey, tenor, Riverside


Three Etudes, 6’ Premiered at Roosevelt University. Pre-recorded sounds with live piano, (Coble)

Quantum Mute (Coble, trumpet), 4’ Premiered at Roosevelt University. Computer-generated live-manipulations.

Landskate, 4’ Premiered at the University of Chicago. Max/MSP-generated piece

Four Phonemes, 9’ Premiered at the University of Chicago. Audio-sculpt/Pro-Tools

Awakening Captive (pn, sop., computer & 13 players), 25’ Premiered by Contempo Chamber Orchestra

Gustav’s Neuma, 4’ Premiered at the University of Chicago. Audio-sculpt/Pro-Tools

In progress: Three Studies; Klangspace (‘Three Duos’, for pn. & computer); Satsung (contrabass & computer)


Some and Others, 12’ Premiered by Dance Collective of Boston (with over 20 performances)

Boston University Dance Troupe, 10’ Premiered work, for 16 dancers and 4 musicians

Incidental Music for Love’s Labours Lost, (40-cues), Twelfth Night (2-songs) and
Caucaision Chalk Circle (70-cues)

Full Length Musical: Eleanor